Three people meet at a bar and exchange their passionate discontent for the world around them – and decided to take action – What stands in their way? Terrorism can happen, virtually anywhere, at any time, and it isn’t necessarily a terrorist group that directly influenced the outcome.

Around the world, many complain that the “the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.” This is an old catch phrase to describe economic disparity. It’s noted that economic inequality is an early predictor of revolution. Robin Hood, a thief, is a fairy tale told to children. Anything can be justified if you believe it benefits your community.

The Guardian put forward the thought that terrorist attacks can’t be stopped, and we must accept them. Maybe they are a part of today’s global environment; one of unrest and instability. But, part of the fear is that there’s limited understanding how they’re carried out. Groups like Al – Qaeda and ISIS (Clowns) aptly take credit immediately following an attack of any kind. It’s often unknown whether or not they’re involved. But that isn’t their goal. They want us to believe they’re both everywhere and nowhere; they want you to be afraid. However, it seems unlikely ISIL can competently construct a global assassin/terrorist wing when videos of ISIL in combat are almost comical (Abu Hajar). ISIL occupies space, and their focus should be on their ability to do just that. However, they’re benefiting from a reluctance of those around them to engage and the slow-moving bureaucracy of the international community. It isn’t because they’re a super human army that they’ve lasted this long. Everyone is afraid of brutality because they’re senselessly violent when given the opportunity.

Returning to the bar room scenario. Three individuals in a bar could each go home and decide to enter three major airports and start shooting people. They could hit JFK, Dulles or Reagan, and La Guardia. Three huge international airports with high profile people coming and going. It would shut down the entire airport and injure the American psyche. If they began at the same time, it would scream ‘coordinated attack,’ leaving airports around the globe in fear. It’s possible it could shut down air traffic on the eastern seaboard and beyond. The investigation in the aftermath alone would probably cost a lot of money. The cost of shutting down air traffic would also be a severe financial burden on the nation. This could happen at whatever rate people decide. What can we do to stop it without sacrificing some of our liberty?

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