Facebook on Tuesday shut down the account of a suspected terrorist who live-streamed a video on “Facebook Live” in which he threatened attacks on the Euro 2016 soccer tournament. The social media company quickly removed the video from its platform.

The terrorism suspect, identified by Paris Prosecutor François Molins as 25-year-old Frenchman Larossi Abballa, killed a French police captain and his partner about 35 miles outside of Paris on Monday night. Abballa then broadcasted a live video on Facebook from the victims’ home, saying he killed the woman, Jessica Schneider  He also discussed what he should do with the couple’s child, whom he was holding hostage, according to police.

After a standoff, police raided the house of victims Jean-Baptiste Salvaing and Schneider and killed Abballa. The couple’s child survived. Abballa had told authorities he pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, the prosecutor said at a news conference. Police found a list of other potential targets at the crime scene, including police officers, rap artists and journalists, Molins said. Islamic State shared a version of Abballa’s Facebook video as propaganda over jihadist networks. Abballa’s killings marked the first terrorist act in France since attacks by Islamic State in Paris in November killed 130 people, triggering a state of emergency. French President François Hollande said Monday night’s killings were “incontestably a terrorist act.”

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