The death toll in a truck accident that occurred in floodwaters at Fort Hood, Texas, rose to nine Friday after four soldiers who had been listed as missing were found dead, the Army said.

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Fort Hood commanders were closing some roads on the Army base in Texas at the time floodwaters overturned a truck on a training mission, killing at least five soldiers and leaving four more missing, Christopher Haug, spokesman for the post, said Friday.

But Haug said the troops learning to operate the Light Medium Tactical Vehicle were not sent out in conditions too dangerous for training.

“It was a situation where the rain had come and the water was rising quickly,” he said. “They regularly pass through these weather conditions like this. This was a tactical vehicle, and at the time they were in proper place. Just an unfortunate accident that occurred quickly.”

The Army — with help from civilian agencies — is using ground, air and dog teams in the search for the missing soldiers, who were swept away by the rising waters of Owl Creek.

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