The popularity of thermal imaging technology is on the rise among law enforcement, first responders and hunters alike. From award-winning thermal-imaging manufacturer, Pulsar, comes a new innovative riflescope touted as Pulsar’s best-of-the-best. The Pulsar Trail Thermal Riflescope changes the game of quality thermal imaging through the use of world-class aspheric germanium optics, allowing small details, like the hair on your skin, to be viewed in detail at close range.

Pulsar Trail Thermal Riflescopes feature on-board video recording with 8gb of storage, friendly remote control operation and WiFi. Why WiFi? Trail Thermal Imaging Riflescopes perfectly pair with smartphones and tablets to work seamlessly with Pulsar’s Stream Vision app, available on both Android and IOS, which permits your friends to watch your action-packed adventures in real time!

Photo courtesy of Pulsar Trail

Strikingly advanced and robust, Trails are IPX7 waterproof-rated and able to detect heat signatures up to 2000 yards away. Trail XP models include an advanced thermal sensor with rich 640×480 pixel resolution and an AMOLED micro-display at the same resolution.