If you were presented with a photo of the Lockheed A-12, chances are you probably answered that it was an SR-71 Blackbird. Don’t feel bad about it. We don’t blame you. Honestly, it’s a mistake anybody could make, especially because of their physical similarities. Anybody without intimate knowledge about these two very special aircraft could mistake an A-12 for an SR-71 and vice-versa.

Chances are that military buffs would answer the world-famous SR-71 Blackbird as it was the more known aircraft of the two. Many would even say they’re basically the same aircraft, but they couldn’t be more different!

Let’s delve into the history of these military planes to get a better grasp of both.

The CIA Top Secret A-12 Oxcart

Ah yes, the legendary SR-71 Blackbird that everybody knows because of its speed and its science-fiction-like design which had never really fallen out of style. Many would say it looks like a plane that came straight out of a Star Wars movie!