For people who don’t know, the Coast Guard is a primarily law enforcement agency in peacetime. As William & Mary Law Review wrote, “The Coast Guard is unique among the United States armed forces in many ways. Among other distinguishing factors, it is the smallest of the five services and is the only armed service given responsibility and authority for direct law enforcement action.” Furthermore, the agency is committed to the “drug war” in the maritime area, making sure that they would bust these drug smugglers and their illegal cargos as they entered the country. They were able to bust quite a few that were far from being small time. Here are  three of the largest Coast Guard drug busts so far.

43,000 Pounds of Cocaine Off the Coast of Panama

In March of 2007, the United States Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton and Sherman in California successfully intercepted a Panamanian ship Gatun that they spotted the previous day. When they checked, they found some 43,000 pounds of cocaine hidden in two containers loaded on board the vessel that was off the coast of Panama.

The fourteen crew members, who were Panamanian and Mexican, were arrested and charged both by the United Stated and Panamanian authorities.

As the Drug Enforcement Agency administrator Karen Tandy said at that time,