The American political landscape constantly evolves, with citizens actively engaging in the democratic process to elect their leaders. As the 2024 presidential election approaches, it is crucial to assess the potential candidates and evaluate their suitability for the role. This essay aims to critically analyze why Joe Biden should not be reelected as President in 2024, considering his policies, leadership style, and the challenges faced during his current tenure.

Policy Concerns:

One of the primary reasons Joe Biden should not be elected President in 2024 is concerns regarding his policy decisions. For instance, the withdrawal from Afghanistan exhibited flawed execution and a lack of contingency planning, leading to a chaotic and harmful situation for American citizens and Afghan allies.

Moreover, Biden’s handling of the border crisis has raised concerns about immigration policy. The surge of undocumented migrants at the southern border has strained resources and overwhelmed border patrol agents. By reversing several policies implemented during the previous administration, Biden’s approach has incentivized illegal immigration, potentially compromising national security and public safety.

Leadership Style and Competence:

Another area of concern is Joe Biden’s leadership style and competence, which has been called into question during his presidency. Throughout his tenure, Biden has exhibited moments of confusion, miscommunication, and verbal slip-ups. These instances have raised concerns about his cognitive abilities and ability to lead the nation effectively. A strong leader should inspire confidence, provide clear and consistent messaging, and instill a sense of unity among citizens. Unfortunately, Biden’s leadership style has not consistently met these expectations.