Editor’s Note: The following was provided to SOFREP by the general and was taken from a press release by NikkiHaley.com that covered a press conference General Bolduc gave yesterday in her support. — GDM

CHARLESTON, S.C. — With the U.S.S. Yorktown in the background, General Don Bolduc and his wife, Sharon Bolduc, held a press conference denouncing Donald Trump’s mocking of military families and the negative impact it has on our servicemen and women.

“Donald Trump sought deferments for bone spurs. Well, I went through Ranger School with bone spurs,” said General Bolduc.

“The men and women that I serve with – the men and women that I know, and the family members that I know – serve their country and will do it whether they are hurt, whether they are hurting… it does not matter because they place service, freedom, and liberty above anything else.”

General Bolduc retired as a Brigadier General in the United States Army. During his 10 tours of duty in Afghanistan, he earned five Bronze Stars, two Awards for Valor, and two Purple Hearts.