Those familiar with the complexities of war understand the tangled nature of relationships between opposing sides and the potential for international ramifications, such as supply chain disruptions and economic impacts, which can result from military conflict. Moreover, the turmoils caused by war have been inflicting a good deal of misery, particularly on the directly affected Ukrainians—as Russia continues its aggressive subjugation against Ukraine, which is now moving toward its second year.

Both sides are certainly taking a toll, but in terms of armed forces, the Russian military may take the longest to recover.

What the Recent US Intel Tells Us

A recent statement from US intelligence officials highlighted this challenge, estimating that Russia may need at least a decade or more to recover fully from its special military operation.

Speaking at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing last Thursday, May 4, Defense Intelligence Agency director Lt. Gen. Scott D. Berrier underscored the unfavorable status of the Russian military, which the latter had worked on bolstering since the early 2000s.

Berrier explained that the strength that the Kremlin mustered and reorganized since the downfall of the Soviet era is now “largely gone.” Consequently, Russia reportedly relies on its reserve troops and older Soviet-built equipment to sustain its aggressive operations in Ukraine, which the former initially anticipated to be a quick, short skirmish.

With this, officials believe that the Russian military may need at least five to ten years to recover fully, which may vary according to the effectiveness of sanctions and Moscow’s ability to scour for resources to support the reproduction of technology, ammunition, weaponry, and other military equipment it lost, not to mention its forces.

The US Intelligence statement came after the report released by the White House earlier that week, which estimated the total Russian casualties since the onset of the conflict.

Within the last four months of fighting alone, Russian casualties had reportedly reached approximately 100,000 of its forces, either killed or wounded, bringing the total of losses on its side to around 200,000 since the war broke out last year.