The quest for robust protective gear has always been at the forefront of defense innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of global security threats, and MKU Ltd., a distinguished international defense and homeland security company, has emerged at the forefront with groundbreaking innovations showcased at the recent Milipol Paris event.

Pioneering a New Era of Safety and Resilience

MKU’s unveilings at Milipol Paris herald a pivotal moment in defense technology, promising to redefine safety standards and revolutionize protective gear for frontline personnel.

At the forefront of these innovations is the Kavro Doma 360, a rifle-rated ballistic helmet that embodies a leap forward in protective headgear.

Key features of the Kavro Doma 360 include:

Uniform Rifle Protection. Setting an industry standard, the Kavro Doma 360 uniformly protects against threats like the AK-47 MSC, M80 NATO BALL, and M193 rifle bullets across five zones of the head without the need for additional armor.

Boltless Design. Innovating with a boltless shell, this helmet provides 40 percent more coverage area against AK-47 assault rifles than standard helmets, eliminating the risks associated with rounds penetrating the skull upon impact.