Did you know that the space force flag has a fascinating history? It was actually designed by artists within the Defense Logistics Agency that makes all of the President’s personal flags. When President Donald Trump announced the Space Force in December 2018, he tasked Johnson with creating a logo for the new military branch. After several iterations, Johnson devised the final design for the space force flag. So, let’s take a closer look at how this flag was created and what it represents.

Unifying Identity

Space Force needed an identity to establish itself as a branch of the United States military and to set itself apart from the other divisions. 

“This is not a farce. This is nationally critical,” Gen. John Raymond, who will lead the Space Force, told reporters. “We are elevating space commensurate with its importance to our national security and the security of our allies and partners.”

An identity would help the Space Force build pride among its members and promote a sense of unity within the organization. Additionally, a cohesive essence can create a unified appearance for all its officers, personnel, and equipment. Finally, a recognizable emblem or flag can also increase public support for the new branch by helping people better understand what it does and how it fits into the American military structure.