“After American’s Killing in Syria, F.B.I. Builds War Crimes Case Against Top Officials”

The inquiry aims to hold to account Syrian officials considered key architects of a brutal system of detention and torture that has flourished under President Bashar al-Assad. –NY Times

Who are we, the US, to elect ourselves judge and jury?

America has largely been a sand box toy provider to the rebels in Syria. America on one side, Syria, Russia (it’s a strategic stronghold for Putin), and Iran on the other.

America’s foreign policy (FP) strategy of the last two decades looks like the famous Afghanistan PowerPoint slide.

The World (and Putin) has watched enough of the drunk uncle FP strategy.

afghanistan power point graphic

There there is this…

War is hell and you don’t half-ass it with self-inflicted rules of engagement wounds. 

The Vikings knew this along with some of the great commanders of armies past.

Napolean, Hannibal, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, and America’s very own Patton, would give an uncomfortable wince if they saw how modern warfare is waged by fat pig politicos and the lobbyists that sling their hog slop. 

War used to be about no surrender.

No quarter was given.

The winner takes all.

With No American Off-Ramp Putin May Go Nuclear in Ukraine. Former Navy SEAL Predicts the End for Ukraine.

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War is waged and influenced by state-engineered social outrage and fake moral high ground.

Then we want to prosecute others for war crimes?

Have we really thought about how imbecilic that sounds?

The problem, when it comes to war crimes, the prosecution is usually the same nation or group of nations that participated in the conflict in which the war crimes were committed.

This means that the prosecution is lop-sided.

The term “Kangaroo Court” comes to mind:

an unofficial court held by a group of people in order to try someone regarded, especially without good evidence, as guilty of a crime. 

We have an incredible American Consitution but we’ve been casually ignoring it when it’s inconvenient and this has lost America a lot of trust with other nations.

The latest case study is the Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba.

America (under Presidents Obama and Bush) stripped assumed criminals of their due process by locating the prison (and other black sites) offshore circumventing the very same Constitution American warfighters are sworn to defend.


Good parents make, abide by, and enforce house rules with their children.

Bad parents say, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Which do you think works better and commands more respect?

Today America has proven itself a bad parent.

Time to get back to good parenting.

We can no longer sidestep our own rule of law when it’s inconvenient.

The American public is to blame for not holding our elected officials accountable for it.

Our two-party duopoly of a political system promotes inbreeding and has failed the American public.

Our Education, healthcare, and now military, are all quickly corroding.

Nobody takes responsibility in Washington anymore, they just want to point the finger at big social tech and blame them while they grandstand on television.

And who was ever held responsible for the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle?


Nobody is the answer.

We’ve let our elected officials run wild like an eighteen-year-old on spring break in South Florida with daddy’s credit card.

It’s gone on for far too long.

Time for Americans to demand better.

We need to modernize our political system to create more accountability.

Ask yourself this.

Are Biden and Trump the best leaders America has to offer?

One is divisive and the other suffers from neurological issues and can barely chew soft food.

Our political system needs to change and America needs to start earning back the respect we’ve lost by standing firm by the values and rules that made this country great.

No longer can we practice, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Until this changes we will continue to see American influence abroad wain, while the dollar continues to weaken, along with America’s moral high ground.