It has been a long journey for Ukrainians since the beginning of the war this February. They started off with pure grits, building up their defense weaponry with makeshift vehicles and ammunition, and now they’re supported by the world’s strongest military powers.

Earlier this week, Ukraine attacked two military bases in Russia and hit an oil depot, resulting in another slew of Russian missile attacks toward Ukrainian civilian cities. Though it is being evaluated whether Russia’s violating any Geneva guidelines on war crimes, Ukraine continues to not underestimate Russian forces even after successfully reclaiming Kherson.

In Ukraine’s recent attacks, they showed Moscow that they now have the capacity to fire 250 to 300 miles into Russia. Though this could be a way to ease their way into hastily ending the war, retired Australian Army General Mick Ryan says this doesn’t mean “at all that Ukraine is going to attack Moscow.” Nevertheless, it is an undeniably smart move for Ukraine to hold off aggressive firing toward Russia.

One reason is that this can be a strategic arm for Ukraine to continuously play with them from a fear standpoint.