The M60 tank is an iconic symbol of the Cold War. It has since become one of the most successful tanks in history, with over 15,000 produced between 1960 and 1987; they served in armies across 22 countries. This main battle tank (MBT) was developed in response to the Soviet Union’s T-54 and T-55 tanks, which were superior to the American tanks of the time in terms of firepower.

The M60’s designers knew they needed to develop a superior tank, so they incorporated a well-sloped hull to provide better protection against enemy fire. This gave the M60 an edge on the battlefield, offering superior protection to the previous generation of American tanks.

The M60 was equipped with a formidable 105mm cannon that fired seven rounds per minute. With this firepower, the M60 could take on most other tanks in the world, giving it an edge in battle that few other tanks possessed.