45-year-old Jacob Blair Scott used to be at the top of his game, being an inspiration to many who are looking to serve the country…and then his crimes were exposed. When this happened, he faked his death to try to escape the inevitability of him being in prison.

Scott faked his own death off Orange Beach, Alabama, coast to avoid these charges. The investigators found a small boat with a gun and a note, and the forensic evidence confirmed that it was a suicide note from Scott.

However, US Marshals still pursued their search for Scott to confirm his death, but no body was found throughout their investigation. In addition, they were skeptical about the timing of the suicide since this happened when he was out on bond and was called out for a court hearing, according to NY Post.

Another thing that’s curious about his suicide was the fact that he withdrew $45,000 from his account before the alleged “death” happened. Additionally, he was already on the 15 Most Wanted Fugitive List since January 2022.

In January 2020, US Marshalls caught up to Scott in Antlers, Oklahoma living under the assumed name of Lucas Walding.

Later on, Scott was found by authorities in late 2020 in an RV Park living under a different name.

Defamed Army Veteran

Scott was an Army Vet now convicted on multiple criminal charges, including child rape, and has now been sentenced to 85 years in prison. For his charge, the victim, who was his stepdaughter, testified that she was abused roughly about thirty times from 2016 to 2017.

Jackson Circuit Judge Kathy King Jackson decided that Scott should pay $10,000 in fines on top of his sentence.

“The evidence is overwhelming. It’s more evidence than I’ve probably ever seen (in a case),” she said.

Scott’s legal team blamed his mental state and his failing marriage for all of his actions, but he eventually pleaded guilty to the charges. However, during the closing statements, District Attorney Angel Myers McIlrath and Assistant Attorney Justin Lovorn aimed at the defense, saying these are not valid reasons for his actions.

The girl was up on the stand, tearfully recollecting the events of her abuse for over an hour. She described how Scott sexually assaulted her multiple times until he learned she was pregnant.

“He is going to come in here and tell you I’m in the trenches with my (companion) and it’s so bad that I’m going to stick my (genitalia) in her,” McIlrath said. “Are you kidding me?”

“This is the first time in my 18 years I have ever seen anything so brazen and so vile,” McIlrath said of his attempt at a defense. “This is about blaming the 14-year-old. This whole trial was about humiliating the 14-year-old who had no choice” about what happened to her.”

The defense tried highlighting his military experience and Purple Heart, trying to steer the jury from the girl’s testimony. But, with solid evidence, including a DNA test on the girl’s child (verified to be Scott’s kid), he had nowhere else to point his fingers to. Moreover, he said he was a good man during his time on the stand.

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“I was a good man. This ain’t who I am.”

McIlrath added that having a “hard life” is not an excuse for committing these crimes.

“Life is hard,” she said. “It’s hard for everybody. It is hard, right? It makes us who we are. It’s what you do when life is hard that matters.”

“If you don’t like your (your companion, leave) her,” she said.

“If you don’t have sex…, you know there are options. “You know what isn’t an option? Having sex with … (a 14-year-old girl).”

The defense also tried to point the blame to the girl by showing the possibility that she was aggressive towards Scott and she was the one pursuing him.

“He wants everybody to think this 14-year-old child is this aggressive seductress that is pursuing him,” she said, but then tried to get her to end her pregnancy. “He can do the things he wants to do, and then when he does the things that cause him to be in trouble, well, it’s not his fault, it’s somebody else’s fault.

Scott was awarded the Purple Heart after being wounded during his tour in Iraq. He also faces federal charges with three criminal counts that carry a five-year penalty and a $250,000 fine each.

Read Scott’s plea agreement here.