Going on a weekend getaway is always a fun way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. However, if you’re not prepared, it can also be quite stressful. One thing that can make your trip a lot easier is packing the right gear. And one of the most essential items to have in your bag is a waterproof backpack.

Check out our vetted list of waterproof backpacks for your weekend outings.

NOMATIC Travel Pack- Black Water Resistant Anti-Theft 30L Flight Approved Carry on Laptop Bag Computer Backpack

NOMATIC Travel Pack

The Nomatic Travel Pack is a backpack that is designed for traveling. It has many features that make it ideal for this purpose. For example, it has a full perimeter zipper that allows you to access the bag from all sides. This makes it easy to pack and find what you are looking for. The backpack also has 20 pockets, which can be used to store a variety of items. Additionally, the bag comes with several accessories, such as pass-through cord holes and an RFID lockable security pocket.