North Korea is a whole different planet. They claim to have discovered a unicorn lair. They also claimed that Kim Jong-il, father of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, learned to walk at three weeks. The people are served daily with fear and propaganda that either depicts their dear leader as the most glorious person to ever walk this earth or spreads false news about other countries opposing them. Safe to say, they’re not a fan of the United States. Here is some North Korean propaganda as proof:

The US Imperialists Love Throwing Babies In Wells

Do not forget the US Imperialist wolves! (Business Insider)

 “We strike the American bastards first!”

‘Start a war against us’ slogan. (The Guardian)

The United States is an axis of (nuclear bomb) evil

The US is truly an axis of evil. (Business Insider)

Better Start the Hate Early

An anti-U.S. poster at the Kaeson Kindergarten in Pyongyang, North Korea. “Drive out the American imperialists. Let’s reunify our fatherland.” (The Denver Post)

Do Not Insult North Korea Or Else…

‘Those who dare insult us will face a mighty punishment!’ (The Guardian)

Apart from that, they also have some interesting claims to glorify their leader most of the time. Aside from their report that Kim Jong-il apparently wrote 1,500 books in three years while studying at the Kim Il-sung University, here are some bizarre propaganda claims:

Kim Jong-il Became A Global Fashion Icon

In an article written by Daily Mail, Uriminzokkiri, North Korea’s state-controlled website, stated in 2010 that the world fell in love with their dear leader’s zip-up suit.

According to the article, “The reason is that the August image of the Great General, who is always wearing the modest suit while working, leaves a deep impression on people’s mind in the world.” They even mentioned that a French fashion expert stated, “Kim Jong-il mode, which is now spreading expeditiously worldwide, is something unprecedented in the world’s history.”

I think I’ll pass.

Kim Jong-Il in his zip-up suit. (AFP/Getty Images/Daily Mail)

They Have an Invisible Phone

You might have an iPhone 13 Pro Max, but you can’t get an invisible phone. Still, in 2010, the North Korean soccer team lost against Brazil, so their soccer coach had to get advice from Kim Jong-il himself through the use of a phone that’s not visible to the naked eye. ABC News wrote:

According to, the coach has claimed he gets “regular tactical advice during matches” from Jong-il “using mobile phones that are not visible to the naked eye.”

“Jong Il is said to have developed the technology himself,” the coach told