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Langebaan — Western Cape Province, South Africa. It has a predominantly white population of slightly over 8,000 and is located approximately 120 km north of the iconic city of Cape Town. Langebaan boasts of an ecosystem that is the epitome of natural serenity and the lagoon waters of its West Coast National Park are home to over 300 species of birds.

In the environs of this quiet town, not more than 20km away, lies Saldhana Bay. The Bay is home to South Africa’s National Defence Forces (SANDF) 4th Special Forces Regiment, one of the country’s premier Special Operations units.

Established as a Reconnaissance Regiment in the early 70s, the 4th Special Forces Regiment is one of the better developed SOF units on the African continent. Around the time of the Regiment’s establishment, the South African military was active in a number of regional confrontations including the South African Border War, the Rhodesian Bush War, and the Angolan Civil War. Five reconnaissance units, numbered 1 to 5 and called RECCE, were established to fulfill specialized combat roles. The contributions of those particular units greatly influenced the wars’ outcomes.