The soldiers sent to war, regardless if they received recognition and awards, are already heroes. They put their own lives at risk for the sake of others and fight for the nation’s causes. They are the embodiment of bravery and discipline whose minds and bodies were conditioned to act swiftly and accordingly based on the needs of the situation. One Medal of Honor awardee, however, had a slightly different story because he did his duties and more while high on marijuana. His name was Peter Lemon.

Born in Canada

Peter Lemon was on the list of those who gallantly fought for the United States, but he was born in Toronto, Canada. He was welcomed by the world on June 5, 1950, by a family of war veterans. He was two when his family moved to the United States after his father found a job in Alabaster, Michigan.

Peter C. Lemon. (

Peter would grow up surrounded by patriotism and anti-communist sentiment in Alabaster, so it was not surprising that he grew up as a patriot. After graduating from the Tawas Area High School in Tawas City, he volunteered to enter the United States Army before his 19th birthday. With his upbringing, Lemon was eager to help his country with the Vietnam War that was raging on at that time.

Entrance to the Army

Lemon entered Fort Knox for Basic Combat Training. There the recruits were prepared for the grueling and unkind jungles of Vietnam. While the others almost wanted to quit because of the exhausting training and never-ending pressure, Lemon enjoyed them. To him, the training was just another challenge that he had to overcome. Perhaps it was the way he looked at things that soon allowed him to be chosen as the squad leader, a role that he did not take lightly. His leadership resulted not only in him being at the top of their class but also his whole squad, and he did that by setting a good example for them. They also performed better than other units in all aspects of training.