Jacob Miller was a Union soldier at The Battle of Chickamauga (where a badass drummer boy also participated). He served in Company K of the 9th Indiana Infantry, in the middle of the bloodiest battle, second only to Gettysburg in terms of casualties. At Chickamauga, the Confederate Army of the Tennessee attacked the Union Army of the Cumberland with the aim of recapturing Chatanooga from the Federals. Miller was one of the casualties. Unfortunately, he was hit with a bullet right between his eyes, and it bore a hole and just about entered his brain. He instantly fell.

This could be the end of a tragic story, just like what happened to the others, but Miller chose to persist and live. His troops thought he was dead, and we couldn’t blame them. I mean, who would believe that a man shot on the forehead, covered in blood, would still be alive?

But Miller was indeed alive.

Battle of Chickamauga.

His account of the battle was written on the Daily News Joliet I11. Here’s what happened, as per Miller: