We’ve reported about the presence of US and Allied Special Operations troops on the ground in Ukraine long before the recent Department of Defense classified document leak.

To be frank, America and the EU are in fact fighting a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine and this involves not only sending weapons and financial aid.

This involves the CIA and US Army Special Forces in an advisory capacity and if you’re forward deployed with Ukrainian troops you better believe they are on the pitch.

Then there’s the training.

Sending state-of-the-art US and EU defense technology to Ukraine is not an Ikea assemble-by-numbers product.  These weapons are complex and need US and EU trainers and advisors to successfully employ them on the battlefield.

So it comes as no surprise to SOFREP that US and British Special Operations are involved in an advisory capacity on the Ukrainian battlefield because Foreign Internal Defense (or FID) is one of the core tenets of the US Army Special Forces.

The complicated part comes when these advisory forces join in the fight, which is quite common as pointed out above.

What makes things more complicated over time, is that the support will likely grow as more American and allied units angle for a chance to deploy to the Ukraine battlefront as it feeds into their unit relevancy and financial budgets.