Oslo, the Norwegian capital, played host to a gigantic display of military prowess as the world’s largest warship, the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier, docked in its harbors this Wednesday. The vessel’s grand entrance stirred up controversy, leading to negative comments from Russia. This marked the first time a US aircraft carrier graced the Norwegian shores in over six decades.

With an impressive length of 337 meters (1,106 feet), the USS Gerald R. Ford made its grand appearance on the Oslo Fjord amidst escalating tensions between the West and Russia, sparked mainly by the ongoing Ukraine conflict. The warship is set to remain docked for a few days before embarking on Arctic military drills.

Reception and Backlash

While the Norwegian military seized this opportunity to tighten bonds with its vital ally, the United States, Russia voiced its opposition. Timur Chekanov, the spokesperson for the Russian embassy in Norway, condemned the show of force, arguing that no regional issues necessitated military intervention or foreign involvement.