Not everyone has the luxury of resources to build their own home bar. But if you’re one of the lucky ones, why not make the most out of it? 

Now, let’s assume you’re the average home bar owner. It’s nothing grand, but it’s far from shabby. You consider it your own little speakeasy, a safe haven after an exhausting day at work. You just have the essentials to make it work. 

The Only Bottles You Need For Your Home Bar

These are the only bottles you need for your favorite classic cocktails. Have these on your shelf, and you’re golden.


You’re watching a movie and you see a character order a ‘stiff drink’ at a bar and be given a shot of whiskey on a rocks glass. It’s a home pour, which is usually higher. 

That’s because whether it’s rye, scotch, or bourbon, they’re potent enough to provide you that kick you’re looking for to push that reset button. A few sips will loosen you up before you even know it. 

And yes, you’re good to go with one of the three aforementioned. You can make a Manhattan or a Sazerac with your rye, a penicillin with your scotch, and the classic Old Fashioned with your bourbon. Or you can have them neat, especially if you have an elegant Islay scotch brand with you. 

Irish whiskey is an honorable mention, if you have a bit of diversity with your whiskey flavors. Japanese whiskey is another, if you love your highballs.