WIESBADEN, Germany – Wiesbaden Veterinary Treatment Facility worked together with the 1-214th General Support Aviation Battalion and the 525th Military Working Dog Detachment to acclimate three military working dogs to helicopter flight during a training exercise Sep. 29, at Clay Kaserne.

Military working dogs play a vital role supporting the U.S. Army in patrolling, arms and explosives searching, drug detection, and police work on installations and in deployed locations where common modes of transportation are not always a given. In the event a MWD and its handler are in medical distress and require medical evacuation, or need to get to a location quickly, sometimes a helicopter is the best option.

“Flying in a helicopter can be a stressful situation for the dogs,“ said Capt. Sarah Laws, officer in charge of the Wiesbaden Veterinary Treatment Facility. “Therefore, it’s important to familiarize the dogs with the helicopter if they haven’t had a chance to fly yet before the real-life event.”

The training gave the handlers and their dogs a chance for hands-on training designed to prepare them both, should the need for medical evacuation arise.