Way back in 1985, Dr. Mitch Ruda, an optical engineer working on a project for NASA, came to the realization that the very same coatings they were applying to satellites to protect them from the sun’s damaging rays could feasibly be just as useful as a form of protection for the human eye. The coating, which Ruda had also previously used on spacecraft portholes to protect occupants from space-based radiation, was applied to a pair of lenses that quickly proved effective — and just like that, Revo Sunglasses were born.

Revo’s approach to glasses isn’t quite like what you’d find in other companies. Utilizing decades worth of refinement, Revo glasses now benefit from multiple layers of protective coatings on the front and back of their lenses that, when combined, maximize protection for the eye as well as the wearer’s ability to clearly see even the finest detail in the world around them. Three years after their inception, Revo started featuring astronauts like Pete Conrad, the third man on the moon, in their ad campaigns with the intention of setting the brand apart as the eyewear of choice for those who live their lives at the cutting edge of what’s considered possible.

Revo and the Crate Club have partnered to bring you these Pantheras

Now, Revo has entered into a partnership with the Crate Club to continue with their grand tradition of eye-wear for those that live life on the edge in the form of the Revo Panthera. These limited-edition sunglasses were hand-picked by the Crate Club’s team of former special operators and extreme sports professionals to make sure they can handle anything life throws at you without compromising on protection, comfort, or style.