Much of Green Beret training involves predicting the uncertain future with limited information. Special Forces operations may succeed or fail based on the ability the men planning the mission to predict and avoid danger.

Last week, shortly before 3 a.m. local time, there was a jewelry store robbery inside the Bellagio hotel-casino complex in Las Vegas.  The robbery featured three masked suspects, at least one armed, smashing windows with sledgehammers while wearing tuxedos and animal masks.

Imagine that you, like the Twitter user Kir_Kamil who posted the picture above, stopped for gas on a road trip and saw this unfolding before you.  “It is like a movie, it’s just crazy,” Las Vegas Metropolitan PD Lt. Carlos Hank told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Before we talk about what to do, let’s talk about how we got there.

Being in a gas station or a “Stop and Rob” as police call them in the middle of the night is unavoidable if you make long car journeys.  When traveling, or shopping at 3 am, you must employ more than a little caution.  As Grandma Miller used to say “Nothing good happens after midnight.”

There are hundreds of security camera captured store hold ups on YouTube.  If you don’t have a mental image of how things go down, go watch this one, I’ll wait.