Just days after two American fighters in Ukraine have reportedly gone missing, it has been discovered that a third American has also gone missing and that he is a US veteran. He has been identified as former US Marine veteran Grady Kurpasi.

According to his family and friends, he wanted to help in Ukraine in a non-military function but had ultimately found himself fighting alongside the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Kurpasi, 49, arrived in Ukraine on March 7 and made his way to the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv on March 21. He was assigned to guard an observation post somewhere near Kherson. It is believed that Russia has controlled Kherson since the early weeks of the war. It was around this time when Kurpasi was last heard from, exactly between April 23 and 24.

“For him personally, he has a skill set that he feels he can give back,” George Heath, a friend and former platoon member of Kurpasi, told CNN.

“He wanted to go and help the Ukrainian people. He wasn’t really planning on fighting.”

It is unclear whether Kurpasi joined the Ukrainian International Foreign Legion, but Heath confirms he was fighting alongside the Ukrainians. The last time he was heard from, Kurpasi and members of the foreign legion, who were also handling the post, were fired upon by the Russian forces on April 26. Unfortunately, it was reported that Kurpasi’s team had a hard time retaliating because of the limited arms they had at the time.

As for the scope of Kurapi’s mission, it was reportedly focused on recon work. He and his team were to leave the observation post, and “went to go investigate what was happening,” according to Heath. Kurpasi would then radio back to the Ukrainian military and signal to Ukraine to start firing back. This was the last thing Kurpasi would say before he went missing.