Dog tags or identification tags are worn by military personnel to identify casualties, with the necessary information engraved on those tags. Their journey had come quite a long way.

First Attempts

The use of identification tags came a long way and can be traced back to Spartans who used to write their names on sticks tied to their left wrists. A lead dog tag called “Signaculum” was given to Roman soldiers at the time of their enrolment. It was a disk tied with a leather string and worn around the neck. Their name and legion were written on these tags.

In China during the mid-19 century, Taiping rebels wore uniforms with wooden dog tags at the belt with their name, age, birthplace, unit, and date of enlistment written.

American Civil War

During the American Civil War, General Meade’s troops were said to write their names and address on paper notes and then place it on the back of their coats. Others scratched their details in the backing of their belts. Whatever the method was, it was only taken on each soldier’s initiative. They all did that because of fear of being listed among the pile of the unidentified soldiers with their graves marked with nothing but “unknown.”