The military of Ukraine is creating new mechanized brigades. This is a difficult task for the Kyiv administration, which must simultaneously keep up the battle with existing forces and be ready for further warfare.

The 88th Mechanized Brigade is the most recent Ukrainian mechanized formation. Its table of organization and equipment (TO&E)  has a strange composition of elements, with Soviet anti-aircraft and anti-tank guns from the early 1960s, up-to-date Swedish air-defense missiles, and state-of-the-art Emirati armored trucks.

In early 2023, the 88th Mechanized Brigade was formed, composed of personnel “from various parts of Ukraine, with a variety of ages and backgrounds,” as the unit reported on Telegram.

The Ukrainian land forces consist of many mechanized brigades, up to forty. Each Brigade typically comprises three or four battalions on the front line, each containing a few hundred soldiers and an array of armored vehicles. Additionally, artillery, air defense, and engineering battalions and companies are usually included in the formation of a brigade.