SEAL Team Six undertook a daring raid in Nigeria this week to rescue Philip Walton a 27-year-old American citizen. According to accounts and a statement released by the Pentagon, the raid resulted in the death of seven kidnappers who were not believed to be affiliated with regional terrorist groups. Walton had been captured on Tuesday by armed men on motorcycles near the Niger-Nigeria border.

Elsewhere, the Australian SAS has come under renewed scrutiny over the testimony of a U.S. Marine that points to further war crimes having been committed by the elite commandos in Afghanistan. 

Violence continues to plague Syria as Turkey and Russia exchange blows in a proxy war wherein both sides are vying for political and military ground. On Wednesday, Russian forces hit rebels with airstrikes, causing Turkey to double down as Erdogan threatened to unleash a fresh offensive. 

We also served up a slew of military news and reports this week. SOFREP veteran Steve Balestrieri brought a report about a British SBS raid on a tanker in the English Channel, a look at the new non-lethal M4, and a look at how COVID-19 pushed the Army-Navy football game to West Point for the first time in seven decades. SOFREP welcomed first-timer Matt Hill who took a stern look at the Marine Corps’ plans to decommission the Recruit Depots in San Diego and Parris Island. 

We were honored to share the conclusion of a three-part series from SOFREP founder Brandon Webb. In the series, Brandon recounts his friendship with former Navy SEAL Glen Doherty and his journey to finding peace while still honoring the fallen. We recommend starting with part one.

SOFREP Radio welcomed back Eric Davis, former Navy SEAL Sniper Instructor and author. Tune in to learn more about Eric’s new free seminar and his groundbreaking group Tribe 215. 

On Gear, we looked at the serrated blades and brought you a list of the best combat boots, handpicked by our team. 

This coming Tuesday, November 3rd, is election day. All of us here at SOFREP urge you to exercise your right as an American and go vote. We found this a helpful resource to locate voting information for any state. 

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