Here in the West we learn history that is centric to events that shaped our own civilization going back thousands of years to the ancient Greeks. We know about the battles of the American Revolution and the Civil War, Waterloo, The Somme, Midway and the Battle of the Bulge. We may go back even farther to battles in European history like the battles of Agincourt, Hastings, and perhaps even Bannockburn. or the numerous battles fought by the Romans and Greeks, like Cannae and Thermopylae.

That being said, there are some very important battles that are not well-known to us, that shaped the history and cultures of other civilizations.

Here are some of the battles that not many know about but were definitely important.

The Battle of Yangxia That Ended 2,000 years of Dynastic Rule in China

The recurring food shortages and the increasing number of foreigners allowed to establish markets within China resulted in the steady decline of the Qing dynasty ruling in 1911. When they decided to nationalize China’s railroads and pass over the control to foreign banks, the revolutionaries, led by Sun Yat-sen, started the 1911 Revolution. Their goal was to overthrow the Qing dynasty and establish a Chinese republic finally. Although the Sun Yat-sen’s forces were poorly armed and trained compared to the military forces, they managed to capture the cities of Hanyang and Hankou, which inspired the others to join them.