Senior US officials have been setting out their position on Russia, in some of the new administration’s first diplomatic moves.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the US would consider working with Russia in some areas but would stand up for its own interests.

Meanwhile, US Defence Secretary James Mattis said Washington was not ready to collaborate militarily with Moscow.

US President Donald Trump has called for improved ties with Moscow.

But the new administration’s diplomatic initiative comes as questions are raised about the Trump team’s dealings with Russia dating back to last year’s election campaign.

US intelligence services have concluded that Moscow hacked into emails of President Donald Trump’s Democratic opponents during the election.

Rex Tillerson may be on a steep learning curve in the transition from oil executive to top diplomat. But the State Department press corps is also adjusting. We’d become accustomed to the garrulous John Kerry, now we have his opposite: The Quiet Man.

So far Mr Tillerson has spared only a few words for us, a “Good Morning, y’all” as we boarded the plane in Washington.