People don’t care about our relations with Saudi Arabia. But they should care about our reputation, as we’re already blamed for regime change around the world.

Obviously, the people aren’t interested in the ramifications of breaking down relations with Saudi Arabia. The popularity of Libertarian candidates is in part rooted in the party’s express interest in keeping to ourselves. They don’t want us to participate and incite regime change. But it is sometimes, in the immediate sense, what’s better for us.

Unfortunately, most examples as of late present a breakdown between theory and reality. These changes do not win the hearts and minds of people and create some measure of predictability. Now, whether or not we had a role regime change is blamed or suspected to be carried out by the west. It’s only our discipline in security and compartmentalized classification apparatus that both keeps involvement secret and is unable to debunk rumors with authority.

According to Pew research, our image is a positive one. But, whether or not you want to send a loud and resounding message to the Saudis, it might begin a slight downtick. We, as a people, must pay better attention to other people. Namely, the rest of the world. How much does your fellow American know about a foreign country? Better yet, how many average Americans are aware of their state government leadership and how it’s organized? Who is on your school board? What can you do to improve your community?