Toor Knives is another small American made brand, not many have heard about. They make a line of semi custom fixed blade knives to address the problem of our military and law enforcement using sub-par knives in their loadouts. Toor Knives is owned and operated by two brothers. Not only are they blood brothers, but both have served in the military as well. Here is their story…

We are two brothers who began by building a forge in our backyard and crafting blades as a hobby. We had always been very particular about the knives we used, and could never quite find a design we were looking for.

In time, just as playing soldier in the woods grew into a calling for us both—Cameron became an Army Ranger, Connor a Marine Scout Rifleman—so too did our youthful fascination with blades develop into a serious obsession with knife-making. We grew frustrated seeing teammates wear premium gear and carry customized weapons but rely on a mass-produced knife that was unfit for our mission-specific tasks. This led us to tinker. Our first designs came from improving military-issued and store-bought tactical knives we had accumulated over the years.

But altering these mass-produced knives only took us so far. So we broke free of simply altering existing market knives, and decided to develop designs from scratch to meet all demands of our job. We mined our own experiences and pooled the wisdom of teammates to develop a list of everything we felt a tactical knife needed to be—and began forging.”

Lets take a look at one of their knives. The Serpent. The Serpent is minimally designed to be the perfect everyday carry defense tool. I honestly was blown away when I opened the box and unsheathed the knife. Not only did it feel great in the hand, but it just a sick looking blade. When words fail in a confrontation, this blade will shut the threat down.

Toor Knives Serpent | Concealable Fixed Blade | Quick Look

The Blade

The blade itself is a tanto design and is made from S35VN steel. That is an excellent high-end steel that will hold an edge for a long time, which is a must for our military when deployed for long periods of time.