For those that have followed my writing on the Loadout Room know that I have reviewed a-lot of knives. Of those knives I have a few that are my more expensive and more valuable ones. More valuable doesn’t necessarily translate into the price point of these blades. For me what makes a knife valuable, more than money, is the history behind them. Granted I don’t carry these knives everyday, but they do find time in my rotation of knives I carry. It really all depends on where I’m going and what I’m doing.

There are plenty of other knives available that are considerably more expensive than the three I’m going to mention in this article, but these are the ones I own. Some may ask why spend so much on a knife you don’t carry all the time. To me it’s not about spending the money on the knife. It’s more about investing in a good product, joining that club that not everyone is a member of, or just owning a piece of history. Owning something like this puts you into a different tier with like minded individuals or clubs.

For the sake of these three knives I’m going to go in order from the most expensive to least expensive.

Chris Reeve Carbon FiberSebenza 25 (Exclusive) – The Sebenza 25 is what I consider to be a gentlemens knife. Due to the higher end materials used, the knife has a sleek professional look. This is something I would expect to see James Bond carrying while he is at a bar sipping on a glass of scotch and enjoying a cuban cigar. The knife is lightweight, easy to carry, and relatively easy to open one handed considering the larger size of the blade.