Tora Bora. We didn’t get Bin Laden because we couldn’t.

WHAT!!! I thought we didn’t get Bin Laden because we mistakenly trusted the Afghans to do what they had promised, and we ignored very competent men on the ground who wanted to commit available US forces to the rear of Tora Bora to block Bin Laden’s escape.

Nope. The problem with that narrative is much of the evidence that Bin Laden was at Tora Bora is based on what we learned only AFTER the fight was over.

If hindsight was really a way to make decisions, we’d all be lottery winners. Historical context is also pretty important when trying to understand why a decision is made and avoid bad ones in the future. Secondly, it ignores the real world realities of what it takes to put men on the ground. Unlike the movies, in combat, the cavalry doesn’t arrive in the nick of time. Guns run out of bullets and the good guys sometimes lose.