From time to time famed firearm instructor Travis Haley will drop a knowledge bomb upon us. This is one of those times. In a two-part video series Travis Haley delves into the world of handgun grip. Haley uses an academic approach to firearm instruction, basing his techniques in science and practical application. The resulting lessons learned that he gives are simple, to the point and densely packed with information.

Travis Haley’s experience is vast. He’s a veteran Force Reconaissance Marine with combat tours all over the world. He also was the founder of Magpul Dynamics, of Magpul’s training division. Haley now runs Haley Strategic. Travis Haley has been a great innovator within the firearms industry over the last decade and I have no doubt the will continue to have a positive impact with his knowledge on our community.

(Image courtesy of Haley Strategic’s YouTube channel

This article courtesy of Mike Jones of The Loadout Room.