Before major conflicts like World War II broke out, countries had their own valuable items, be they gold, money, art, or historical artifacts that were of cultural value. Usually, these treasures are worth millions, heck, even trillions of dollars. Now, during chaotic moments, these items could not always be secured and hidden away from enemies or whoever had the interest to have their hands on these prized possessions. Thus, only some of these treasures were retrieved, but many were still left missing, either stolen or hidden away from the public. With that, here are some of those valuable items that were still yet to be found. Who knows, maybe you could find them.

The Amber Room

The Amber Room, as you could imagine, was as magical as its name. It was a chamber made of pure amber panels, gold leaf, mirrors, gildings, carvings, gemstones, and candles, all twinkling and glowing like the galaxy compressed in a single room. It was constructed in the 18th century in Prussia, intended for the Charlottenburg Palace, although it ended up being installed at the Berlin City Palace.

The glistening room remained in Berlin until 1716 until it was given by the Prussian King Frederick William I to Tsar Peter the Great of the Russian Empire. It was installed in the Catherine Palace in Russia, where after many renovations and expansions, it contained more than 13,000 pounds of amber.

The Amber Room in 1917. (Андрей Андреевич Зеест, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

After the Operation Barbarossa of WWII, many treasures were looted by the Nazis, and the Amber Room was one of them. In Early 1944, the Allied forces were closing in on Germany, so they immediately disassembled and stored the Amber Room away, never to be seen again. In 2003, a replica of the room was completed in the Catherin Palace, with 900 pounds of amber panels, far from the real dazzle of the original Amber Room. In 2020, Polish divers found the wreckage of a German WWII ship that was thought to help solve the mystery of the missing Amber Room.