We are pleased to announce that Ben Fujihara is the winner of our Trikos International Protection Dog Sweepstakes (A $55,000-$80,000 US value).

“Trikos offers customized private-protection dogs with the same training as the dogs that serve alongside the Navy SEAL teams. We train each dog specifically for a single client or family so it can support and protect you in the places you need it most – at home, in public, or at your side during travel.” -Trikos International

Ben is a SOFREP 300 member and resident of the great state of Texas. He’s currently working with former Navy SEAL and Trikos founder Mike Ritland to select the very best dog for Ben’s family and desired security situation.

SOFREP will have more photos and information on the delivery and selection process soon. In the mean time, please join us in congratulating our winner Ben, and be on the look out for more giveaways this year.

For more information visit Trikos protection dogs here.