There have been quite a few written words about being the grey man, but what is it exactly? Being the grey man is a term for going unnoticed or being neutral in the environment in which you are in. You can find many of these grey man concepts in the book 100 Deadly Skills by Clint Emerson, within the Decker Novels by Jack Murphy, as well in many other good books, or take a course from one of the personal security protection companies. Survivalist, preppers, government contractors, and military personnel all understand the philosophy, but there are few and in between clothing manufacturers and designers who just don’t get it and still stay in the tactical space. Triple Aught Design is a clothing manufacturer and designer who continue to produce quality clothing that can take a beating, stays true for the grey man philosophy, and provides both formal and informal design options.

The Triple Aught Design Sentinel Jacket is not only a manly looking overcoat built with the newest technology on English Ventile®; a breathable and water-resistant technology, but looks very much like a jacket you would see about the streets from the Vienna to New York. In keeping with the grey man philosophy, the Jacket has an array of storage options that are hidden in the design that can be expanded upon to include items like E&E kits or other operational requirements. The jacket has many concepts similar to climbing shells, which incorporate pocket flaps for inclement weather pocket protection, and when wearing an insulator underneath it will keep you comfortable across some diverse environments and conditions. Additionally, because the front has snap closures, you can deploy your firearm or gear quicker than with traditional field coats with zippers.

Triple Aught Design – Sentinel Jacket – Designed for the Violent Nomad

For those that are looking for a jacket that can be worn over a “modern” sport coat, this jacket is just the right length, and the waist can be cinched for a more tailored look. However, be advised if you are wearing a 1980’s version of the sport coat it will hang lower than this jacket, and you’ll look like a tool. Additionally, I recommend that if you weigh 180 lbs or more, order a size larger so you can wear layers and add your load out kits. As with your climbing shells you will need to add DWR after a few cleanings, but be forewarned this jacket is made from 100% Cotton and could possibly shrink, TAD suggests hand washing.

Watch this cool trailer for the Sentinel Jacket by TAD


  • Two Large Front Pockets with Flap Closure
  • Two Front Hand Pockets with Weather-Resistant Zippers
  • One Exterior Chest Pocket with Weather-Resistant Zipper
  • One Interior Chest Pocket with Weather-Resistant Zipper
  • Adjustable Cuffs and Locking Waist Cinch
  • Standard Fit
  • 100% cotton with DWR Finish
  • YKK zippers and quality snaps for the cuffs and front closure

BTW – I used Grey in lieu of Gray as the english world uses the former rather than the latter as a true gray man must know the difference for blending into their environments.