I live in the city. There it is— I said it. Years ago in the city, we began to notice a new group of people emerging. For years now these individuals have been referred to as hipsters.

Hipsters like music you’ve never heard of, shoes that look like your grandfather’s, using walkman tape players, and smoking ironic-looking pipes while lecturing you about healthy living.

Still, with as much trash as I may talk to my hipster friends, I like them. They make great coffee, and in general are willing to take time to make something that lasts. There are actual craftsmen among them, and many actually appreciate quality that’s difficult to find in our disposable society. Hipsters run the financial gamut like the rest of society, but I’ve met more than a few who are quite frugal. They are in search of value and couldn’t care less about brand recognition. In fact, if you haven’t heard of it, they are much more attracted to it.

That’s why I think if my hipster friends were gun guys and gals (and some of them are), they’d really like the TriStar S120. It is well crafted and offers incredible value. The design utilized is time-tested and well-proven. I’m sure you’ll recognize it. This model offers everything you’d expect from its type, and it doesn’t miss a beat when compared to other variants.

Custom Parts

Cajun Gun Works offers custom upgraded parts for the S120, and I’ve heard that the already good trigger can become truly great if one walks down this path. They offer some very attractive aluminum grips, too. In fact, there are a handful of really great upgrade options available for this fine handgun.

Range Time

I spent a lot of range time with the S120 and didn’t have one single malfunction. It proved remarkably accurate at defensive distances and beyond.

We live in a weird time. People talk about handguns as though concealed carry was all that matters. The truth is, there are lots of guns that wouldn’t be ideal concealed carry options but are MORE fun to own and shoot than many of their concealed carry oriented counterparts.

The TriStar S120 is one of those remarkable guns, and it’s one of the only ones that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. This is as much fun as shooting classics like the Browning High Power at a quarter of the cost. Let that sink in.

Great Value

I get it, you’re a gun guy, you’re not a city person, and you don’t want to be associated with hipsters at all. That’s fine, maybe you aren’t drawn to owning something you and your friends haven’t heard of, but you and your friends should be drawn to quality. Be the first one of your friends to discover one of the best values on the handgun market to date. They’ll be jealous; I guarantee it.

If you ARE, in fact, an urbanite hipster-type that listens to music that no one has ever heard of, WHAT IN THE WORLD are you waiting for? If you don’t own this gun before the month is out, you don’t have any right to talk about irony while sipping an IPA ever again!

 Courtesy of The Arms Guide and written by Brian (Rev) Norris