The Truck Gun Concept

The internet is full of discussion concerning the “truck gun” concept.

A truck gun is simply a handy gun that you keep in your truck. Many believe the quintessential truck gun to be an old Marlin lever gun chambered in 35 Rem. or 30-30 Win. Others have modernized the concept using popular semi-auto guns.

Let me begin by saying that I see a place for AR pistols, AK pistols, and even pistol caliber carbines.

A stow-able sized gun that has more capability and velocity than your standard handgun is a valid idea. For some people’s lifestyle, it even has real world applications. I’ve spent time in areas where your average farmer had a lever gun, bolt gun, or shotgun on a gun rack behind him while at work. In addition, a shorter AR or AK is much easier to maneuver in a vehicle than a 20,” 18,” or even 16” rifle or carbine.