Endorsed by former Vice President Joe Biden, the 18.5 mm shotgun (12 gauge) is the least regulated, most powerful and most flexible weapon available to police and citizens of the United States of America. To get the most out of this amazing tool, I recommend the Trulock Tactical Choke. It is designed to produce optimum performance with breaching rounds, buckshot and rifled slugs.

I have had my Trulock Tactical Choke for a year now, shooting hundreds of rounds of all kinds of ammo through my oldest and still favorite Remington 870, Old Betsy. Everything ran well except the 1600 fps slugs which made me flinch so bad I had to stop shooting them after 3 rounds.  Shooter error at the gun store buying those things.

I shot buck and bean bags, slugs and sabots and every kind of bird shot they had at Walmart. They all shot well with the Tactical Choke with none of the drama of “NO SLUG” chokes. The fit and finish were great out of the box and there is no significant wear or excessive carbon build up a year later.

The Trulock improved groups with buckshot over the factory improved cylinder choke it replaced. I have not noticed a significant difference in my slug accuracy, but  I can now shoot slugs without changing my choke. In both competition and home defense, you need to be able to shoot all kinds of ammo without change or damage to your gun.

One of my pet hates is the choke wrench. It seems I can never find the correct wrench for the gun I am shooting. The Tactical Choke is easy to install without a wrench and should only be hand tightened.The last time I saw my choke wrench was when I had to find it to remove my old choke. Both have gone unused since I installed the Tactical Choke.

Not an issue for most of us, but the  Tactical Choke has crenulated muzzle which allows a positive grip if you want to use it as a standoff tool for breaching tool. I have been trained to do this, so I shot a few doors with it and I can tell you, the Trulock design performs as well in this role as any single purpose “tactical” choke.

While I don’t recommend experimentation without training, in a disaster, the ability to open locked doors could come in handy. (Note: Doors opened with this method will not close properly and may be difficult to secure). For you non-breachers, it still provides a high CDI (Chicks Dig It) Factor.