If he becomes commander in chief, Donald Trump won’t let military generals speak to “the dishonest press,” out of fear they’ll spill national security secrets.

“I don’t want them saying things like ‘our nation has never been so ill-prepared.’ Even though it’s true, I don’t want the enemy knowing that.”“A general should not be on television,” the Republican front-runner told a crowd of supporters during a rally at Carmel, Indiana, on Monday. “I don’t want our generals on television. I will prohibit them.

The comments came during a wide-ranging speech where Trump attacked his Republican rivals, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and his critics.

He also blasted the media as “the most dishonest human beings in the world” and said military leaders shouldn’t be discussing war strategy or operations with reporters.

“I don’t want them going on television,” he said. “You think Gen. George Patton or Gen. Douglas MacArthur, do you think they’d be on television saying about how weak we are?

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Image courtesy of AP