In an effort to provide our readers with disaster preparedness information as well as recommended gear for go bags and survival kits, it’s sometimes hard for people to justify having a dedicated go bag. 99% of those that commute for work and school already carry some type of bag or backpack. Why not take advantage of that bag you already use on a daily basis and insert an auxiliary kit containing emergency items.

This auxiliary kit is all contained in a SealLine 5 liter waterproof dry bag. This dry bag can also double as a small water collection container. Not only can this go inside your daily bag, but it can be an option that you throw in the trunk of your vehicle as well.

Turn your existing bag or backpack into a go bag with this auxiliary kit

Contents of the kit

Turn your existing bag or backpack into a go bag with this auxiliary kit
Contents of the kit
  • 550 paracord – This could be used for gear repair, field expedient shoe laces, fishing, or setting up the SOL Heatsheets blanket as a shelter.
  • Gorilla Duct tape – This gives me a good fire extender if need be, tape to repair the SOL Heatsheets blanket or a field expedient band-aid.
  • Princeton Tec FRED Headlamp
  • Water filter – Sawyer Squeeze mini water filter
  • Fire Starting – Bic lighter inside an Exotac FIREsleeveUCO Stormproof matches inside an Exotac matchCAP XL, vaseline coated cotton balls and a few pieces of fat wood.
  • Gerber Gear Center-Drive multi-tool
  • SOL Emergency Blanket – This blanket is a multipurpose item. The primary use is as a blanket to wrap yourself with if you’re at risk of going hypothermic. The blanket can also be setup as an impromptu shelter. Due to the bright orange color this can also be used as a rescue marker for aerial search and rescue teams.
  • Suunto Compass – Knowing your direction of travel is vital if you’re going to attempt self rescue. The mirror of the compass can also be used as an additional signaling device for aerial search and rescue teams.

Another option is to use a toiletry type bag/pouch for the contents. Although this cuts down on how much space is taken up in your bag, you do lose the ability to guarantee the contents remain waterproof as well as having a container to collect water in. It’s ultimately up to you to decide which options work best for you.