The taliban, through their spokeman Zabihullah Mujahid  claimed the responsibility for the attack. they said they were targeting “ingelicenge agents”  -Vasilis Chronopoulos

Twin Taliban blasts struck near the Afghan parliament in Kabul Tuesday, killing at least 30 people and wounding 80 in a rush-hour attack that shattered a relative lull in violence in the capital.

The bombings came just hours after a Talibansuicide bomber killed seven people in Lashkar Gah, the capital of the volatile southern province of Helmand, as the militants ramp up attacks.

The blasts in Kabul tore through employees exiting a parliament annexe, which houses the offices of lawmakers, leaving the area littered with bloodied bodies.

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Image courtecy of AFP (Archival picture shows security official near Afghan parliament building in Kabul in June 2015.)