The US Navy has stated that two of their 10 carrier air wings may have to literally stop operations due to a lack of funding. In addition, the Navy says two more air wings will have to operate at minimum levels of only 11 flight hours per month for each pilot.

Any military pilot will tell you that they cannot stay proficient and safe at 11 flight hours a month.


Watch: What is a Carrier Air Wing

Adm. Bill Moran, vice chief of naval operations, said the impact for the Navy would be immediate: Two carrier air wings would cease operations entirely, and two would operate at that “tactical hard deck” of 11 flight hours per pilot per month, the minimum allowable for safety.

“I’m about to go to the Naval Academy to welcome the newest selectees for naval aviation,” Moran told the committee. “I would hate to tell them they are not going to be able to train to be pilots for a while if we go to a year-long CR. Without training … something else has to give.” – DoDBuzz

Just this week the Navy also reported that nearly two thirds of their strike/fighter jets could not fly due to lack of maintenance and a shortage of spare parts. Over 50% of all Navy aircraft are grounded due to lack of funding according to the Navy.