This photo really says it all for me.  It’s not meant to pick on LaRue Tactical, I hear they make fine guns although I’ve never shot one.

So what’s wrong with the sniper rifle of today? What’s plaguing an industry of copy cats and me too AR platforms?

They are way too heavy and too much crap hung on them (lights, straps, back up sights…).  Are we hunting bad guys or trying out for a static range beauty contest?  Based on my experience it’s the latter, just open any Harris publication and you’ll see exactly what I mean.


The solution is easy, just do the opposite.  Lighten up wherever possible and pull off the useless shit. Think like a hunter…

  1. Rifles are too heavy: Quit building in useless stuff onto system platforms. Rail is a good example. Most rifles have miles of rail to mount stuff when you could cut most rails down by 90% and save a ton of weight.  I personally don’t want a 19lb sniper rifle with me in the field.  Are we hunting bad dudes or showing off at a static range? Is that what you hunt deer with? A sniper rifle should mimic a hunting rifle, because, wait for the drum roll…we are hunting.  Come on now, lighten up, literally.
  2. Too many bells and whistles=over accessorized: Who needs a red dot scope on top of or on the side of a sniper scope? You don’t need it for house runs.  If you have a high powered light then that’s your red dot…or use instinctive fire.  Last time I checked Hadji wasn’t running around the streets of Iraq or the mountains of Afghanistan with miles of rail and a back up red dot….

Your opinions are very much appreciated on this particular post.

Brandon out.

This article was originally published on the Loadout Room.