The TYR Tactical Sling Ding was developed by Pat McNamara, so you know it was designed by someone that actually knows what tools are needed for those that will use them. It’s an essential piece of kit every operator requires.

The Sling Ding attaches directly to a standard QD socket utilizing the built-in sling swivel. The opposite end links in with any sling that is 1.25″ or less in width. The grip tube is manufactured with heavy-duty Schedule-80 PVC. Stated benefits over a typical foregrip include more varied positioning and a smaller profile for shooting around barriers.

Sling Ding Attached to Rifle
Sling Ding attached to rifle.
Sling Ding Attachment
Sling Ding attachment

• Affords more positions for your hand than a standard vertical foregrip.
• Assists in elevating the weapon’s muzzle off the shooting platform.
• Facilitates a smaller profile when shooting around corners or barricades.
• Attaches to any rail system that accepts a pushbutton quick-release sling swivel.
• Mil-Spec sling swivel is made from heavy-duty Schedule-80 PVC.
• Can be painted or textured by the end user to match any desired camo pattern.
• Attaches between the weapon and any 1.25” or narrower sling.

Available for purchase from TYR Tactical.

(images courtesy of TYR Tactical)