Tyrant Designs, the creators of the skeletonized aluminum AR-15 grip, have come out with a new AR-15 Vertical Fore grip, the HALO MiniVert Grip. Light weight, with great aesthetics and high functionality, this new AR 15 fore grip is just the thing for your light weight AR build.

I love the grip angle ergonomics, Depending on your grip and shooting position, you can use it as a stubby grip or hand stop.  The aggressive side knurl on the lower portions of the HALO Mini Verticle Grip give just the grip you need for control.

It is very easy to install, Each HALO MiniVert Grip includes both M-Lok and/or Keymod fasteners with 2 Hex L-keys which reach right through the holes in the top of the grip.

It is short making your rifle more compact, less susceptible to snagging.


Length- 2.75″